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“The overall goal for sleep medicine is to improve quality of life for each patient who may be suffering from a sleep condition. It may be simple adjustment like prescription instructions; or it may require a C-Pap machine or weight loss goal. If anyone is suffering from fatigue, drowsiness, depression, headaches, dry mouth, restlessness or difficulty with gasping or choking, I really encourage you to call us today. We can definitely get you on the path to better sleep and improved quality of life. We have seen patients reduce medication or get off prescriptions completely as their sleep improves. It’s a worth a call if any of those conditions describe you. We are proud of the program we have developed and continue to build; and we are here for all of Pondera County and the surrounding areas.We chose to become accredited so that the community knows that we strive to be the best that we can be and this accreditation proves that we are on the right path to providing excellent care to our sleep patients."       

-CJ Rauscher, on PMC Sleep Medicine

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CJ Rauscher

RT Dept. Manager

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The first step to evaluating if a sleep study may be right for you is to take the

or the


Once you have a basic understanding of your risk, CJ is able to recommend your next step whether that is self-help tools you can try at home or if you should receive consultation for a home sleep study or in-house sleep study at PMC.

Our team works closely together to determine the appropriate next step, test, solution and follow-up care for each patient.

Dr. Deborah Hoffman

Visiting Pulmonary/

Sleep Medicine Specialist

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At-home or in-house sleep studies are available!

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