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Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech


Our pilot, Vicki, will be happy to assist you!

"Having a group of this caliber right here in Conrad... it's something special. It showcases the high standard we set and maybe a little luck that is on our side, too. It really is great for our community."


Pictured left to right. Backrow: Justin Winston, Charlene Bouma, Bill Salterberg, Victoria Padilla, Stephanie Keil, LeAndra Gebhardt, Daniel Aakre

Frontrow: Erin Green, Dagni Gleason

Physical Therapy

Leandra Gebhardt, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dagni Gleason, Physical Therapist

Bill Salterberg, Master of Physical Therapy

Charlene Bouma, Physical Therapy Assistant

Daniel Aakre, Physical Therapy Assistant

Justin Winston, Physical Therapy Assistant

Physical Therapists are mobility experts. Motion is necessary to be able to perform daily activities, to return to work, and to be able to participate in leisure activities you enjoy. Our physical therapists work in collaboration with you—depending upon your challenges, goals, and needs—to design a program, including an individualized home exercise program, to promote normal motion, restore function, relieve pain and prevent disability, and ultimately to promote optimal health and improve quality of life.

Pondera Medical Center physical therapists provide treatment across the lifespan from infancy to geriatrics. Our physical therapists evaluate and provide evidence-based treatment for low back pain, neck pain, headaches, arthritis, osteoporosis, post-surgical joint replacements, sports injuries, pelvic pain, incontinence, developmental delays, and many other conditions.

Physiotherapy Session

Occupational Therapy

Erin Green, Master of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists “help people of all ages to participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities (occupations).” ( Occupational therapists improve your well-being by addressing your physical, psychological and cognitive function in all of your environments, such as home, work, school and community. Evaluation and treatment are individualized based on your needs and skills. You may also be provided with a customized home exercise for follow-through.

Pondera Medical Center occupational therapists provide specialized hand therapy for post-trauma, post-surgical and chronic conditions, such as arthritis; fibromyalgia and repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome; sports injuries; acute medical and neurological conditions via activities of daily living (ADL) training, such as after a stroke or after total joint replacement; adaptive equipment recommendations and training to help simplify ADLs and improve safety; work-place ergonomics and home safety evaluations, caregiver and family education, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercise.


Speech Therapy

Stephanie Keil, CCC-Speech-Language Pathologist

Our Speech and Language Pathologist provides treatment of speech disorders, language disorders, verbal and non-verbal communication, cognitive handicaps, Autism, Dementia, Parkinson’s disease.

PMC speech and language pathologists provide evaluation and treatment of speech disorders:

  • difficulty producing speech sounds correctly or fluently

  • problems with voice resonance

Language disorders:

  • understanding others

  • sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings

  • difficulty with social use of verbal and non-verbal communication

  • problems organizing thoughts and paying attention, such as 
    after a stroke, or traumatic brain injury, with autism, or with dementia;

  • swallowing and feeding disorders

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