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Radiology Services - Diagnostic Imaging

Our staff is committed to hometown care. We hold to a standard of excellence providing our patients with confident, compassionate and reliable state-of-the-art diagnostic and screening healthcare services.

(406) 271-2131

CT Scanner

Kevin Mackey, ARDMS

Nate Hjelm, R.T. (R)

Radiology Manager

Terri Redd, R.T. (R)

CT Scanner


Computed Tomography is an important diagnostic tool for any physician. Combining
X-ray images from 64 different angles or slices, providers can see clear images of bones, blood vessels, and soft tissue. CT scans can be used to diagnose disease or life-threatening illnesses associated with chest pain, trouble breathing, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.   The 64-slice CT scanner quick and simple for the patient and providing greater diagnostic capabilities, with less radiation than ever before. The images from this CT scan can see clearly down to 0.28 millimeters.  This CT has the best spatial resolution in its class – 20% higher than previous GE systems. 

Outpatient exams done by appointment, so call today to schedule your CT scan. 

MRI Scanner


With women’s health issues, and breast cancer at the forefront of modern medicine we are proud to offer the services of the Winkley Woman’s Center Mammography Coach provided by Northwest Imaging in Kalispell. This mobile coach provides the latest in digital mammography services to PMC twice a month. Call our Radiology Department to schedule your mammography appointment today!

Upcoming Mammo Schedule
January 9th & 23rd
February 6th & 20th
Call 271-2131 to schedule

MRI Scanner


Once a week, the portable MRI traveling service offers quality results and reduces the waiting times for this diagnostic procedure for local patients. This diagnostic imaging is used for more definitive information regarding issues originally discovered by X-ray, Ultrasound, or CT scan. Examples include: Diagnosing brain or spinal tumors and aneurysms, disc bulges, spinal stenosis, better quality imaging for organs and structures in the abdomen such as the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, and bladder.  

MRI Scanner

Radiography (X-Ray) 

Our state-of–the-art computed radiography equipment is fast, reliable, and convenient.  Our computed radiography offers a higher resolution image with a lower dose of radiation. No scheduling necessary, register with the front desk and be taken back for your imaging with virtually no wait. Results may be viewed by your healthcare provider almost instantly and/or interpreted by a Board of Certified Radiologists is in most cases available the same day.



The Philips Epic Ultrasound is a state-of-the-art system with capabilities that will meet all of your sonography. Our Registered Sonographer, Kevin Mackey, RS, provides a variety of sonography services from Cardiac Echo and vascular to abdominal and OB/GYN.

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