"That's what you do in a herd. You look out for each other." -Ice Age

We are really fortunate in Pondera County. We have a strong healthcare community across the board from providers to mental health professionals, to community wellness groups and projects. Right away when shelter-in-place measures were ordered, our mental health community recognized the stressors that may be accentuated or triggered by pandemic restrictions; and they went to work, doubling their workload but making themselves available at a most critical time. THANK YOU! The Pondera Healthcare Foundation used valuable funds raised through hours of volunteer work to show appreciation to healthcare workers, teachers, and other frontline workers just to give them a little reprieve in the form of treats, chamber bucks, and even a massage chair for PMC! THANK YOU! Community members of all ages made crafts, sewed masks and gowns, dropped off pizza and snacks, sent prayers, made donations, rang bells in an act of solitude and support, and so much more. THANK YOU!

At PMC, we have a nursing staff we’d compare head-to-head with any staff in the country. We have support staff who we have watched walk upset, struggling, or ill patients to their car when it's -30 degrees and then they stay late to make sure the insurance is a go. We have providers who are everything small towns want and need. They know your story and your family. They serve on our school board and star in local theatre productions. The whole town celebrates when one of our providers welcomes a new baby, and they remember when she was a baby here too. Not to mention Plant Ops and DME, both on all around the clock… Rehab, who is at a caliber we’d compare to any team in the state, and so many others too many to make worthy mention. So, when we say “When your patients are your friends and neighbors, it means a little more” we mean it. It does mean a little more to us—in fact, it means a lot more.

What else can we say in tribute to a time of the most humble and gracious teamwork across the board? THANK YOU!

Pandemic fatigue is not lost on us, but the one thing stronger than our fatigue is our desire to protect our most vulnerable, both inside and outside of our facility.

The two most important parts of the formula that makes rural healthcare so unique and special are community and science. "Community" encompasses employees, respect for all generations, providing our service area quality options and services, giving individualized and compassionate care to all. And science--because that’s what medicine is. Combine the two… science and community, and we are given an important responsibility…to share the science with our community. Science is fact-based and informative. Science says masking is our best chance. PMC wants our community to know that we still believe that masking, along with good and hygiene and special distancing, is our best chance to reduce the spread of COVID-19 as we work through a limited supply of vaccination and steely build our defense against the virus.

Hang in there with us a little longer. Our efforts towards protecting you and your loved ones in the best way we know how to show our gratitude to Pondera County. We are looking forward to looking back on this time and knowing we all did our best for each other.