STOP THE BLEED: Pondera Medical Center now offering life-saving bleeding control classes

Maybe Montanans are bias when we say that we live in the last best place. Or maybe, and probably more accurately, we just know what we know! The nation’s 4th largest state offers us a unique lifestyle that is not available just anywhere. In Pondera County, we have hiking, hunting, fishing, national parks, beautiful lakes, skiing, and so much more right out our backdoors or within a day’s driving distance.

With outdoor action and activities so prevalent in our state also comes the risk of injury. That is where Pondera Medical Center comes in. PMC is now offering “Stop the Bleed” classes to community groups and organizations of all sizes. Stop the Bleed is a 45 minute hands-on class that teaches immediate bleeding control actions to take before emergency services can arrive on a scene. The objective is for students to leave with an understanding of how to take action and control life-threatening bleeding. Uncontrolled bleeding wounds can leave the victim with only a matter of minutes to live. Stop the Bleed offers instructions and demonstration on how to control bleeding using three methods: a tourniquet for limbs and extremities, packing the wound with gauze or whatever may be available in an emergency situation, and by applying direct pressure.

Why are these classes important to all of us? Because at some time, they can affect all of us! Emergency responders are very quick to respond to a call; but even the fastest and closest responders will not likely arrive in those crucial minutes that can mean life or death in the event of a bleeding wound. Agriculture is such an important industry to our area; but farming accidents occur every day, even to the most experienced and careful farmers. Hunters carrying loaded rifles can misfire and shoot their leg or foot. And Montana weather means a lot of us are chopping our own wood which can create chainsaw or axe wounds. Car wrecks, gun violence, impact wounds- these are all risks we face, no matter how difficult they are to think about.

Pondera Medical Center’s “Stop the Bleed” certified instructors include Scott Seager, PA-C at PMC, Laura Erickson, PMC CNO, Erica Krings, Assistant Director of Nursing, and Ken Bassman, EMT with Pondera Ambulance Services. If you or your organization is interested in a free Stop the Bleed instruction class, please call Cynthia Grubb, Director of Emergency Preparedness, at Pondera Medical Center, 406-271-3211.

Laura Erickson helps a CHS employee pack a wound.



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