Spring Cleaning OURSELVES: Seven Spring Starters with PMC

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Spring has Sprung at PMC!

Spring has Sprung! March 20th means the seasons have officially changed; and although some years it can be a slow transition, we have seen a drastic change of weather in Pondera County from the weeks of frigid subzero temperatures to a very pleasant 45 today. The sun and longer days are welcome companions to the month of March and intro of Spring.

For many of us, Spring is a season of renewal and rejuvenation- and not just in our cluttered home. It’s true that we often take Spring as a sign to go through our pantries and children’s clothes that they’ve outgrown or deep clean the windows. But Spring Cleaning can also include your mental & physical health and give you a renewed desire for Wellness. There is just SOMETHING about sunshine on our shoulders and a deep breath of fresh air that reinvigorates us to be the best version of ourselves.

Mother Nature threw an especially grueling winter at us and that meant seasonal depression, less activity, cabin fever, and of course a whole host of stomach bugs and sore throats. It feels like coming out of Hibernation. So as we let our day dreams wander towards green grass, sunscreen, sunflower seeds at a baseball game, horseback rides and walks during lunch break- let’s take a minute to talk about Spring Cleaning OURSELVES!

2018 was a great year for a facility and we were widely recognized with Quality Awards, Designations and 5-Star ratings. As the area leaders in Healthcare, we believe it’s our responsibility to encourage wellness to improve the overall health in our community. Pondera Medical Center has deep roots in this community; and we have a strong desire to take care of our own. To us, Healthcare means treating AND preventing. Making the investment in your health reduces your risk of disease, fatigue, depression, obesity, injury, as well as quicker recovery from illnesses and injury. We invite you to use your Springtime energy & motivation- courtesy of Natural vitamin D & above 0 temps- to make your health & wellness a priority.

Don’t know where to start? Kick off Spring with our Seven Spring Starters. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it a good one!

1. De-Clutter! Yes, cliché for a Spring Cleaning post. But, seriously, making your home and office a pleasant place to be can do wonders for your mood. Get rid of those things you don’t need or don’t want. SURELY, someone at your local thrift store can use those curtains you replaced last year. Spring cleaning helps you get physically active, and it's also mental exercise that inspires a sense of rebirth. You’ll burn energy and clear your mind while doing yard work, deep-cleaning the kitchen, or finally organizing a messy garage. Self-care doesn't just mean ice cream or a spa day; it can mean to-do lists and setting time aside for those tasks that have been in the back of your mind all winter long. De-cluttering your mind makes room to bring the good thoughts in!

2. Exercise. It is so much easier and more pleasant to get active when we can get outside. What do you enjoy enough that you can sustain? Remember that not everyone is the same- so your 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week may not look the same as the marathon runner in your neighborhood. Exercise doesn’t have to mean that you are in the gym for two hours a day- maybe you go for a brisk horseback rise, or take your kids swimming, or take the dog for a walk. Just remember to include habits that will improve your quality of life and resistance to injury- balance, flexibility, strength training, cardio- all good things! Truly, make being active a priority. You will be glad you did! Watch your mood, skin, sleep, productivity, confidence and so much more climb to another level!

3. Nutrition. You cannot "out exercise" a bad diet. And when we say “diet,” we don’t mean it as a short term fad that promises to cut fat with a magic pill or an impossible carb-restrictive regimen. We mean your LIFESTYLE. The reason we don’t believe in fad diets or expensive pills and drinks is because they don’t work- they can even have adverse effects. For heart health and other disease prevention, you should be getting plenty of fruits and vegetables and lean meats and limiting your unhealthy fats and sugar intake. To lose weight, burn more calories than you eat. It’s really as simple as that! A slice of pizza during March Madness or a piece of cake when your toddler turns 3 won’t make or break you; and it shouldn’t keep you up at night. Thinks longevity and bigger picture. Good quality nutrients are found in whole foods and that’s what your body deserves! You will feel great and perform your best if you are putting great fuel into your most valuable asset- yourself. You wouldn’t put 90% water in a brand new Ferrari would you?!

4. Sleep! Oh wow, there are not enough hours in the day for the modern day American to get adequate sleep. We work, we have kids, we have cows calving, crops to plant, flights to catch, supper to cook, lessons to plan, and the list goes on and on. Sleep is usually the thing that gets the shaft when we are forced to prioritize things out. Poor sleep!! Let’s change that. We challenge you to find a way to go to bed a half hour earlier and make it a quality rest. Put the phone down before bed, stop drinking caffeine by early afternoon, make your bedroom a comforting and relaxing place- whatever you need to do to hit REM and rejuvenate- do it! Making your sleep count will make your day count.

5. Reduce Stress. This is a never ending topic, huh? We think there is good stress and there is bad stress. Let the good stress motivate you and let the bad stress dissolve. Take the time to really consider what helps you unwind. Do you feel better with your favorite music playing in your office? Can you feel a difference in your mood if you make sure you’re getting a dose of sunlight at your lunch break? Can you free your mind for three miles with tennis shoes and some pavement? Does meeting up with friends or family in the backyard with marshmallows and sticks make life feel right? Whatever works for you is the answer!

6. Family. How can we leave family out of a list coming from a Rural Healthcare facility? We are something of a big giant family here. We watch each other’s children grow and we hear about each other’s vacations or favorite books or weekend plans. Blood relatives, work family, friends- all important ingredients for a happy heart! Make time for the people who value your time. Do you have laundry to finish but your 7 year old is dying to see the new Toy Story? We say, "GO SEE THE NEW TOY STORY!" Laundry is just laundry!

7. Be a leader! This is open to any way you want to interpret it. Are you a manager? Are you a parent? Volunteer? Coach? Athlete? Do you have a side hustle? Do you cook? Whatever you are and whatever you care about, be your own leader! Find daily inspiration and motivation to be your best and encourage others to be their best to. There are few things as inspiring as someone finding success in what makes them happy. Be a leader in culture change- give compliments, replace judgment with compassion, and lend a helping hand. Make yourself proud and take some time to hold onto that feeling. Lead the charge to your best life and you are sure to inspire others to do the same!

Happy Spring to our community! Pondera Medical Center thanks you for your support and friendship and we hope to see you out in the sunshine soon!