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According to, almost half of all New Year’s Resolution pertains to some form of health or wellness goal- usually to “lose weight.” However, as many of us have come to understand, only 12% of New Year’s Resolutions will yield success, with a disappointing 80% failing by February. Whether it is because we want immediate results, we aren’t specific enough in the steps we will take or we don’t believe in ourselves, our New Year’s Resolutions are likely to fizzle before we’ve started to see any results. We want to increase that success rate dramatically in Pondera County and help each other and our communities stick to their New Year’s Wellness Goals. Keys that aid in sticking to resolutions include: starting small and staying reasonable, tracking, finding support, being specific and enjoying the process.

PMC is here to help.

At Pondera Medical Center, our mission is to “Exceed the Healthcare expectation of those we serve through all of life’s stages.” We have a very extensive list of services that we offer in our Rural Health Clinic, Acute Hospital, and Extended Care. We offer Rehabilitation Services of all kinds including speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, sleep therapy and cardiac & pulmonary rehab. We offer laboratory and radiology services. We have a fully staffed Emergency Room and Acute Hospital. We have a Home Health and Durable Medical Equipment. We offer cataract surgery, internal medicine, Ear, Nose & Throat services.

But along with all the many services we can offer the community in one convenient location, we feel it is also our mission to improve the overall wellness of our community even outside of our walls. Complete wellness means mental, physical and emotional health for all ages. We have a Wellness Center open to the public 24/7 upon obtaining a membership but we also encourage self-care and a healthy lifestyle.

We are a healthcare facility, so many of our personnel are healthcare professionals. Among the many departments at PMC and working closely with Clinical workers are business offices, IT, accounting, administration, medical records, purchasing, dietary, and more. Being the largest employer in Pondera County for decades, we are part of the community and the community is part of us. We are parents, coaches, coffee makers, errand runners, yoga lovers, hunters, ranchers, farmers...

In order to inspire Wellness in the community, we have made a group effort to share our best health and wellness tips with all of our PMC friends! Studies show that it takes 66 days to create a meaningful habit. So, we have created the #PMC66DaysOfBetter where we will be sharing our best tips and tricks for a healthier lifestyle, including the ways we de-stress, get extra activity, make healthy substitutions in our diet, get adequate sleep, adequate water and improve our productivity. We hope that by offering 66 tips from 66 different people, you will find the one that inspires you and helps you reach your goals! Please join us in the 66 day challenge. Follow us on Facebook and look for our daily health and wellness tip! Let’s all work together to make Pondera County a healthy and happy place to be in 2019. We look forward to sharing our tips and hearing yours!

*“none of the authors, contributors, administrators, or anyone else connected with Pondera Medical Center and the #66DaysofBetter, in any way whatsoever, can be responsible for your use of the information contained in or linked from these online social media posts. Much of the information on this campaign is gathered from a combination of non-healthcare professionals and healthcare professionals, online and literary resources. It is not intended to replace the recommendations from your healthcare provider and therefore any action taken upon this information is strictly at your own risk.”



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