PMC Wellness Center Offering January Specials to Aide NY Resolutions!

Pondera Medical Center is excited to announce our New Year’s Wellness Center membership & referral specials to new and existing members. As the area leader in healthcare, we take pride in our investment and dedication to community wellness. The PMC Wellness Center is open to our members 24/7, with codes securing a video-monitored and clean facility; and well equipped with equipment, big-screen tv’s, temperature control, and extra benefits like clean towels, water, workout examples, etc. We are very proud of our wellness center and look forward to sharing it with new members on their fitness journey.

If you have a New Year’s Resolution to start kickstart a healthy lifestyle, now is the time to join the PMC Wellness Center! Monthly membership fees begin at just $35 for individuals ($25 for seniors), with a Couples membership and family packages also available. Yearly memberships include a 20% discount when paid in full. Membership includes a one-time initial sign-up fee of $15, but for the entire month of January 2020, PMC is waiving the initial sign-up fee to new Wellness Center Members. Existing members can receive $5 referral credit off their next monthly fee, limit 1 referral per member.

Memberships are available in the PMC Wellness Center or at the PMC Registration Desk, Monday through Friday during business hours. Our inBody machine is also available to members and the public. For a fee of just $10, you will get a detailed breakdown of your body composition that includes body fat, muscle, water and bone density. This is an extremely valuable snapshot of your health! We invite you to tour and try our facility by calling Michelle Cates, PMC Fitness Specialist, at 406-271-2295.

A regular fitness routine of 150 minutes of physical activity per week is recommended for maintaining a healthy weight and for disease prevention in adults. Exercise is also a key component to New Year’s Resolutions that may include a healthier lifestyle. According to, almost half of all New Year’s Resolution pertains to some form of health or wellness goal- usually to “lose weight.” However, as many of us have come to understand, only 12% of New Year’s Resolutions will yield success, with a disappointing 80% failing by February. Whether it is because we want immediate results, we aren’t specific enough in the steps we will take or we don’t believe in ourselves, our New Year’s Resolutions are likely to fizzle before we’ve started to see any results. PMC wants to increase that success rate dramatically in Pondera County and help each other and our communities stick to their New Year’s Wellness Goals.

Keys that aid in sticking to resolutions include:

· Make a list of short term goals. Make them attainable and specific

· Keep goals simple.

· Have an accountability partner, like a friend or family member. Encourage family or friends to share in each other’s progress and accomplishments.

· Celebrate the small victories. Whether you’ve lost 2 lbs or taught yourself to play a single note on the piano, celebrate your accomplishment!

· When you’ve hit a plateau, write another short-term goal list.

· If you have a hiccup, hit a speed bump or hit a plateau, make another short-term goal list and refuel efforts. Don’t give up!



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