PMC Lab Awarded CEO Department of the Year

The PMC Laboratory Department was named the CEO Department of the Year Award at the PMC Christmas party in December. The CEO Department of the Year is awarded to the department which has best exemplified the Mission, Vision, and Values of Pondera Medical Center and who, through consistent actions, shows that PMC provides the “Best of Care, Close to Home.” Departments are nominated by others within the facility. Some of the comments from the lab’s nomination read:

“The labs commitment to PMC is unwavering. They provide excellent service to all who pass through. Efforts at the health fair and through the years have made the event a tradition for the community. Barb’s smiling face and her candor with patients inspires trust & confidence.”


C Commitment:

· Years of dedicated service- giving up a lot of their personal lives to serve this community & PMC

A Accountability:

· When called in, Lab responds in snow, -30 degree temps, ice, they battle mother nature and perform their service 24/7

R Respect

· To every patient and fellow PMC employee, lab is respectful.

E Excellence

· Barb’s & the entire team are a wealth of knowledge

S Service

· Consistent Quality Service! Covering the department ALWAYS!

We would like to share our services with our community, to contribute to the overall health and wellness of it’s members. Birthday labs are just $50 during your birthday month; and most health insurance plans will reimburse the cost as “preventive care.” If you are a business or organization with an employee wellness program or insurance plan, we can perform your employee blood draws accurately and timely, even traveling to your place of business. Our laboratory team takes their trade very seriously; and guarantees you the highest quality care of your draws. We hope you will take advantage of this service; and help us help you!

Our laboratory services are available to you no matter where you are receiving your primary or specialty care. Providers from any clinic can send orders to the PMC laboratory department and we will ensure results are returned to your provider timely.

We are very proud of our laboratory department for their skill and commitment. It is our pleasure to offer these services to our hometown from the hometown hospital! If your business or organization is interested in employee lab draws for preventative care, please call 406-271-3495. Walk-ins are welcome for birthday labs Monday – Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm!

Pictured with the CEODepartment of the Year Award, PMC Lab staff: Bill O'Leary, COE; Barb Meuli, Lab Manager, Pat Peterson & David Sevy, Clinical Lab Scientists