Phase 2: Underway at PMC

Pondera Medical Center is excited for Phase 2 of Reopening. Many of our services are functioning quite normally. PMC Clinic has restored the front entrance for all patients. We have been happy to see so many people utilizing our facility for lab work and radiology exams. Our Rehab department is again accepting appointments and thrilled for an increasingly busy schedule. Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab is back on track in the Wellness Center. While we are happy to move forward, some caution is still in order and remains in effect. Some guidance:

  • Entrants to our building at all areas will be screened at entry and masked. You will be allowed to wear your own mask if you are masked prior to entry.

  • We are allowing one person to accompany patients to clinic appointments unless previously authorized

  • One designated person may accompany ER patients here for care at the discretion of our ER staff. This person remains with the patient while the patient is being cared for and does not traffic the hallway area

  • One designated person may visit Acute Care patients during their stay, that person is to proceed directly to a patient’s room and is not allowed to traffic the hallway area

Some things that we are not yet able to allow:

  • Wellness Center general use by our public. We are eager too and know our public is anxious to get back in shape following this prolonged time of remaining indoors, but, we are not yet open based on our inability to ensure social distancing and the unlikelihood that public will be able to mask while working out. Requiring screening for a service that has 24 hour access is not possible and this service will need to be phased in carefully. Our Wellness Center is utilized by our Therapy and Rehab patients; and we are sincerely committed to providing a safe environment. We will be opening up our gym at the earliest possible time we feel we can do so!

  • Visitation to our Long Term Care: Pondera Medical Center recognizes Long Term Care residents as the highest risk group related to COVID-19. Federally and according to MTDPHHS, our visitor restrictions are mandated. We are working on a solution and hope to make progress as we recognize this as a priority for our beloved residents and their families.

  • General use of our waiting areas, restrooms and café. We are not allowing general use of our waiting areas and café as we cannot ensure proper social distancing for our patients. Our café service is limited to employees and families of patients at this time and reserve use of the restrooms for our patients and staff.

  • Accompaniment of adult patients to standard procedures such as simple lab draws, basic radiology exams, and EKGs. Unless you are the parent of a pediatric patient or the caregiver of an individual whose care would be compromised without your presence, such as in the case of a patient who has advanced dementia or gait instability, we are asking you to remain in our front waiting area or in your vehicle while the patient receives services. We are very serious about protecting our patient care areas and staff. Reduction of general traffic is a strategy we have implemented.

We look forward, as our public does, to restoring normal policy, but recognize that opening safely is in the best interest of all and serves to protect our Long Term Care area. We still encourage social distancing and avoiding large gatherings. Please use a mask in areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain. Pondera County has done an excellent job mitigating risk; and we will continue to do so with the cooperation of our community partners. Thanks for your help. We are in this together.

Pondera Medical Center can not say enough times how grateful we are to be part of this community. Every day of this pandemic, we have been truly humbled by the generosity of the people around us. Along with many donations and acts of support and kindness, our patients and resident families have been gracious and patient as we navigate policies and strategies. We know all of you look forward to some normalcy; and we are right there with you. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our visitors, patients and families. You are the reason we do what we do; and you have our word that we will continue to do our very best for you!

Dustin Menuey, of Conrad, completes post-op Physical Therapy with Charlene Bouma