New Sign Donated to Pondera County EMS

The Pondera County EMS Ambulance Barn and Fire Hall has a brand new, custom metal EMS sign, at no cost to the county. That’s because, along with serving as an EMT-FR for Pondera County, Heidi Fowler also has a knack for metal work. Her talent is accompanied by generosity and the new, weather proof sign, is a donation from Heidi and her husband to the Ambulance Services she cares so much about.

Kelly and Heidi Fowler bought a Plasma table in April and upon learning the Cad program, opened a small business they call Gold Fox Metals. They offer design and custom metal work of all sizes and colors; and do vinyl as well on different products.

Heidi started her EMS work back in early 2015. Kelly and Heidi live in Valier where Heidi takes about half of her call shifts. She says she wanted to make and donate this gorgeous sign to Pondera County Ambulance Services because of pride- in “myself, my service, and my community. Being on the ambulance is the calm to my chaos. It’s not what I do; it’s who I am.”

Pondera County Ambulance Services secured funding for a brand new ambulance in October of 2018. Heidi, a full-time EMT-FR, has been instrumental in organizing and implementing the new truck into use. The new truck has been a tremendous addition during this winter season, offering patients and responders reliable 4-wheel drive, smooth transfers and modern lift equipment.

Pondera County EMS and Pondera Medical Center are grateful for the sign and for Heidi’s service to Pondera, and the surrounding, counties. The sign can be seen on the southern wall of the ambulance barn, which shares space with the Fire Department to house all the trucks.

Kelly and Heidi Fowler of Gold Fox Metals can be reached by phone at 406-590-8773; or find them on Facebook. They are located at 707 S. Main Street in Conrad.



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