Home is a Special Place

If you were a fly on the wall any given day at Pondera Medical Center, you would hear a consistent theme in our meetings, plans, discussions, decision making... and that theme is "Community." When you become an employee of Pondera Medical Center, it does not take long to be inspired by the leadership-focus on doing what is right and what is best for the internal and external community.

  • Internal Community can mean the employees, their families, our patients, residents, contract personnel, board members, volunteers, donors...

  • External Community means the citizens of Pondera County and the surrounding areas: our friends and neighbors!

In a small community, like those comprising the backbone of the Golden Triangle, Internal & External Community exist as interchangeable identities. Several of our employees will work all day in the Business Office or Physical Therapy, and then take call overnight or on weekends with the Ambulance Crew or Radiology. Our Chief of Staff and highly esteemed MD, Jay Taylor, is also the high school golf coach and can be seen in the gym Saturday mornings with elementary kids for basketball practice. We serve on boards, we donate our time at events, we cheer on the local sports tea

m, golf at the Pondera Golf Course, take our children to the Orpheum Theatre, farm the land, and enjoy meals at the area restaurants. Our parents and grandparents are, or have been, residents here. We are patients here, and so are our friends and families. We choose to get our own healthcare services right here where we work and live because of our first-hand insight into the excellent staff and equipment. We are the community, and the community is us; and that is the greatest benefit to working at a rural healthcare facility. Individual effort to a team goal is what makes PMC work; and what makes our community work.

The Team at PMC believes in our Mission to "Exceed the Healthcare Expectation of Those We Serve Through All of Life's Stages." A glowing example of our fight for community is our Extended Care Facility being ranked #3 in the entire state of Montana for Quality, but with one of the lowest monthly rates. Our leaders do everything to ensure an affordable cost of living, without a compromise in residents’ quality of life. We have received several Quality Awards and much recognition; but none that quite compare to how it feels to see families at peace with one of the toughest decisions they’ll make… the tears of happiness flowing from a son or daughter's face when they know they are seeing their mother or father go into another stage of their life in a great facility with caring and hardworking staff... The gratitude of a loving husband, who visits his wife every day, but on a day of particularly tough travel conditions receives a call directly from PMC advising to either delay his visit or take extra precaution on the roads and sidewalks. These are little moments that cannot be taught or trained, but come directly from the belief that this is the home of our valued residents and they deserve the Best of Care.

Along with having the Critical Access Hospital and PMC Rural Health Clinic in the same building, an in-house dietary service and a beautiful location along the mountain front, we have an incredible Life Enrichment program. Our Life Enrichment Manager, and the most recent winner of the CEO Awards, JoAnne Cobb, is a living and breathing example of the 10 Eden Alternative Principals that govern our program. These 10 Eden Alternative Principals exist to guide staff and volunteers through the Eden Alternative mission which is “To improve the well-being of Elders and their care partners by transforming the communities in which they live and work.” The Vision of this program is: To Eliminate Loneliness, Helplessness and Boredom.

Seven days a week, that includes Holidays and weekends, you will find the dedicated staff and volunteers at PMC Extended Care making home a pleasant place for our residents. Part of this equation is the remarkable volunteers from our community who donate their time and skills to our Extended Care Facility. Whether it be tending to the ECF Garden, playing music, helping with the bake sale… you will regularly find these caring individuals in the facility. Our residents and their families love the volunteers’ contributions of their time and talents.

Earlier this week, volunteers were at PMC for their annual training to receive important policies and procedures. Imagine a community where volunteers congregate to learn how to be better volunteers. We could not be more grateful for these individuals and their dedication to the Life Enrichment of our residents.

Today, and every day, we just want to offer an enormous THANK YOU to our volunteers and our entire community. We’ve been here for you, because of you, for years; and we will be here for years and years more; because we know you are here for us! Choosing your local healthcare provider is a bit like shopping local. When you “shop local” at your rural healthcare facility- labs, x-ray, screening, physicals- you are giving your friends and neighbors the ability to raise our children in the best place in the world, provide for our families, and add value to the economy of Pondera County.

Dr. Jay Taylor said it best when he said “When your patients are your friends and neighbors, it means a little more.” Volunteers, Board Members, families, friends, employees… once again, THANK YOU for allowing us to serve this community. It is an honor to be part of your lives.



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