Golf Tournament Efforts Come to Fruition: PT Equipment Finds Home at Pondera Medical Center!

It's a joyous day at Pondera Medical Center and one that we are proud to share with our patients, residents and community.

A successful Golf Tournament in June allowed us to reach our goals and purchase three high-priority items deemed most the most prudent needs of our patient population. The carefully chosen equipment is: A 3-section Bariatric Adjustable Bed, Bariatric high-low Treatment Table and Adjustable Parallel Bars. We are so proud to announce that the equipment has arrived, been installed and is in full use by the Rehab Services Team!

Stephanie Keil-Harris is a Speech-Language Pathologist and the Director of Rehab Services at Pondera Medical Center and she shares: "Oh, it's amazing. Our department was already so solid, and now to have this top-of-the-line equipment.. it's just mind blowing. We can literally treat anyone who walks in our door, very comfortably and with the ease of adjustable equipment. The bars even adjust. The equipment is used all day,everyday. I really feel like our department compares or exceeds any in the state. We are so lucky and grateful!"

Pondera Medical Center Received tremendous support from the entire community for the tournament, exceeding the goal and hosting the largest group of golfers we have ever had. Casey Rasmussen, Marketing Specialist, says: "This is PMC's one big fundraiser, so we were very diligent about choosing what the funds would go towards. We agreed early on in the process of our Golf Tournament that one of the best things we can provide our wonderful rural towns right now is high quality Rehabilitation Services. We have an outstanding group of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists down in Rehab, and outstanding patient-care services across the board. We want to make sure we are offering the same services that a family could get in a larger facility, without the need for additional travel or accommodations. The risk we run if we have to send people somewhere else is that they will choose to not make the drive, therefore not getting the rehabilitation they need, whether it is lower back pain from pulling calves, or long hours on a tractor, a stroke, a sports injury, etc. At this time, in a push for wellness and holistic approaches to reducing pain and maintaining high quality of life, we feel like it is our responsibility to provide the best services to the ones who make Montana, and the Golden Triangle, what it is today. We need to be here for the ones who are here for us!"

Pondera Medical Center is so grateful for the outstanding support from staff, all the golfers, sponsors, community partners and the Pondera Golf Club. It's so fulfilling to see the equipment and know that our entire community worked together to make this happen. And it just goes to show what an incredible place we live and work. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

Pictured Top Level: High-Low Treatment Table, Bariatric Treatment Table



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