PMC Ghost Out Video Sets High Standard for New Years Resolutions

New Years Eve is time of reflection, resolution and celebration. We gather to recognize the year’s accomplishments and set our visions to make the next 12 months “the best year yet.”

However, New Years also is glowing reminder of the upcoming year we will face without loved ones we’ve lost. The occasion spotlights tragedies and heartbreak that we’ve experiences since last December 31st. Empty seats at our New Years dinner… Christmas presents that sat unopened… Birthday parties without a cake, or guests, or song…

We challenge you to begin 2020 with, arguably, the most important resolution you can commit to: Don’t let your family get “the call.” We all know what call that is.

  • Avoid driving under the influence

  • Avoid getting in a vehicle with an impaired driver

  • Buckle up

  • Put your phone away

  • Arrange for someone to pick you up

  • Avoid your college fund paying for your casket.

Below, you will find a video re-cap of the 2019 CHS Ghost Out, from the car accident to the guilty verdict. Thank you for taking the time to share this experience with us. For four years running from 2004-2007, Conrad High School had an empty chair at graduation. The goal was for our youth to experience a production before they had to experience the loss of a classmate or friend. This community has suffered a lot of tragedy. We wanted to show the impact of loss to the students and the ripple effect it can have, to encourage all drivers to stop and think before getting in a vehicle while impaired; and to reduce distracted driving.

If we can reach one student, we have been successful. Each and every person matters; and their decisions will have lasting effects on a lot of people. Accidents, much like the one portrayed here, can happen to anyone in a matter of seconds. We hope you will think twice.. we hope to see you in 2020.. and we hope you will join us in a statewide effort to reduce all Montana Highway fatalities and injuries to zero.

Thank you to each and every person who made the Ghost Out possible, for your role large or small, you have made a lasting difference. There are so many to name but we are grateful nonetheless.

While support for the Ghost Out was universal throughout our entire facility, we are especially proud of the efforts made by a few key individuals to make this event impactful and lasting. Thank you to the Ruth Erickson and the Pondera County Ambulance for your professionalism and dedication to our community. Thank you to Ria French and Heidi Fowler for your outstanding efforts to make the Ghost Out realistic and well-done. And finally, our special thanks to Heather Erickson for all the hours you spent outside of your many roles at PMC to create this amazing video; all for the worthy cause of spreading this important message. Your strength is humbling. We are truly grateful for all you do for PMC, our community and for making this Ghost Out what it was.