Physician’s Assistant, Family Man, and the Army National Guard. Pondera Medical Center’s Captain Aar

Pondera Medical Center’s PA-C, Aaron Dahle, is also Captain Aaron Dahle of the Army National Guard. Captain Dahle will undergo Aeromedical training, part of his aviation flight training to prepare him for treating and inspecting the health of military personnel on the ground and in flight. This training is the second of four to prepare him for his future deployment.

Captain Aaron Dahle was originally set to leave for training in the spring of 2018 but the date was postponed by officers within his branch. Because of the rescheduling of his training, Aaron is still available to see patients and take appointments during regular clinic hours.

Aaron is a highly valued provider at PMC and said the facility has been very supportive. “My morale is so high being part of the team here. The entire place has been so accommodating of my training and deployment. When I called and told them that my training had been delayed, they said ‘no problem!’ and I just feel really grateful to have the understanding and support I have from Edie and Dr. Taylor, and everyone here.”

Aaron is an extraordinary PA with lots of compassion for his patients. He is also a devoted family man. Aaron and his wife, ­­­­­­­­­­­­Monette, have seven children: Alexander 13, Elodie 11, Hazel 8, Max 6, Oliver 4, Kaleb 2, and Evelyn 3 months. He gives Monette, who is a former teacher, much praise, saying that she is an incredible mother and wife. Aaron is dedicated to his family and to Pondera Medical Center but graciously accepts his responsibility to serve the United States.

Pondera Medical Center is very proud to have Aaron on our team. Like Aaron’s family, we respect and support his desire to serve. He will be greatly missed during his trainings and deployment but will transition back to his regular hours at the PMC clinic when he returns home. To schedule an appointment with Aaron Dahle or any of our clinic providers, please call 271-3211.



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