EMS "Stronger Together"

At PMC we are grateful for our EMS team. These are the people performing day-to-day lifesaving services at the "front line." Pictured here from left to right: Kyle DeHaan, AEMT, Dan Nelson, AEMT, Jackie Sheble, EMT, Maria Kleinsasser, EMT, Charlene Bouma, AEMT, Sarah Wilson, EMT, Ria French, Paramedic, Fred Trafelet, AEMT, Donya Ringdahl, EMT, Heidi Fowler, EMR, and Shenna Monroe, EMT Not pictured: Ruth Erickson, AEMT, Rhett Orcutt, Paramedic, Shane Rauscher, Paramedic, Elaine Clausen, Paramedic, Caleb Sullins, Paramedic, Jennifer Greyn, EMT, Amber Malinak, AEMT, Leo Malinak, EMT, Justin Salois, EMT, Sam Thornton, Paramedic, Heather Erickson, EMT, Josh Mattson, Paramedic, and Tayler Wise, Paramedic.

Do you feel called to Emergency Medicine? A great way to start is by signing up for an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) class. Training is provided for people as young as juniors and seniors in High School. This month, five seniors will have completed the EMR course offered at Valier High School. These students took their practical skills test on May 21 and will take their written test on May 24. After the student turns 18 years old and successfully completes these tasks they may apply for their state or national registry license. Becoming a first responder can help these students throughout their entire lives, even if they never choose to pursue their careers in the Medical Field. This course has been funded by Pondera Healthcare Foundation, Valier High School, Valier Education Foundation, and Pondera Medical Center. Ruth Erickson, AEMT explains

“There is a high demand for Emergency Responders in our area, and in Montana in general. It takes a special kind of person to do this type of job and I would encourage anyone who’s interested to stop in and talk with their local Ambulance crew.”

Emergency Medical Responders have the opportunity to advance to Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) with further training. EMT courses require 140 hours minimum of classroom time with many of those hours being practical instruction. After completing the course, the person must successfully pass the practical and State Board EMT exams in order to become a licensed EMT. Pondera Healthcare Foundation (PHCF) awards a $300 scholarship to help cover tuition and training materials to persons that successfully complete the PMC Emergency Medical Technician training.

Erickson continues, “It is a huge time commitment for these folks to become trained and certified to become an EMT. We are thankful for the crew we have now. We would love to see some kids from our EMR class in Valier return to work here in the future. “



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