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Community Health Needs Assessment

The Community Health Services Development (CHSD) project is a community health needs assessment process that helps Montana Critical Access Hospitals engage members of their rural community, identify and measure the community’s health needs, recognize potential gaps in healthcare services, and develop specific strategies to prioritize and address the health needs that were identified during the CHSD process.

CHSD involves a steering committee to actively engage community members, a random sample mailed survey, local focus groups and key informant interviews, and an implementation planning process with the hospital’s leadership team. Pondera Medical Center conducts a community health needs assessment every 3 years to inform their hospitals’ community benefit plan and improve the overall health of their community. This drives much of our efforts behind our commitment to community.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our steering committee and surveying efforts! Our best opportunity to serve our community is through your feedback and our valued community partnerships. 

2020 - 2022 Goals:

  1. Enhance Access to healthcare services in Pondera County

  2. Enhance PMC's chronic care management and prevention efforts to reduce chronic disease burden

  3. Enhance mental and behavorial health services in Pondera County

Community Members meet to talk about Suicide Prevention #LetsTalk

2020-2022 PMC CHNA Implementation Plan

Uploaded 12-24-19 11:10 am MST

2020-2022 PMC Progress Tracker

Uploaded 4-13-21 2:10 pm MST

2019 Assessment Report

Uploaded 12-30-19 1:10 pm MST


2019 Assessment Progress Tracker

Uploaded 8-12-19 5:10 pm MST

2018 Assessment Progress Tracker

Uploaded 2-13-19 9:06am MST

2017 Assessment Progress Tracker
Uploaded 3-1-2018 12:30pm MST


2017  Implementation Plan

Uploaded 3-29-2017 3:40pm MST


2016 Assessment Report

Uploaded 12-29-2016 5:33pm MST

2015-2016 Progress Tracker

2014 Assessment Report

2014 Implementation Plan

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