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Mission: Exceed the Healthcare Expectations of those we Serve Through All of Life's Stages
Vision: PMC, in partnership with the community we serve, will strive to promote wellness and accessible, quality, personalized healthcare.
Values: PMC “CARES” Commitment Accountability Respect Excellence Service 

Our facility serves Pondera County and surrounding communities with access to high quality healthcare. 

High-quality patient and resident care is our top priority.  We are able to achieve our high level of standard care through the dedication of our highly-skilled employees and hands-on Department Managers.  We are currently seeking motivated individuals to join our team. Click HERE to learn more. 

Our Community
Conrad, we’re a farming community where wheat, cattle, sheep, goats, alpacas, and alike are raised.  Our small town community enjoys a spacious view of the Rocky Mountain Front.  Wildlife is a part of our community as we frequently see antelope, mule deer, waterfowl and more. 
Conrad has plenty to offer our citizens and visitors with merchants offering everything you might need.  We are proud to provide healthcare services to our strong and supportive community. Click the links below for more info.

25 miles for Lake Frances, 50 from Lake Elwell

Deer, antelope, pheasant, grouse, partridge, waterfowl

Less than 100 miles from Glacier National Park!

Whoop-Up Days Rodeo held in June!

leading industry, & small town 


finest craft, lotion, and coffee shops around

multiple  groups seeking members! 

Want to get Involved?

There are several ways to be involved with our organization. Here are a few:


Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Become an EMT! We are currently seeking EMTs. If you would like to know more, please contact Ruth Erickson at 406-271-3211 ext  322 or  

The Extended Care

Our Activities Department welcomes volunteers throughout the year to help host events, decorate, plant, weed, and harvest the garden. Please call our Activities Department to find out how you can help at: (406) 271-3211 ext. 383. 

The PMC Extended Care Auxiliary is looking for new members. The Auxiliary meets the monthly, raises money for resident needs and activities, and facilitates several activities for residents throughout the month. To learn more click here. 

The Foundation

Pondera HealthCare Foundation supports Pondera Medical Center and other healthcare needs within the community. For more information visit

PMC is Medicare certified and fully licensed by the State of Montana.

Pondera Medical Center in Conrad Montana, Rural Health Clinic and Extended Care Facility

Pondera County has benefited from a hospital for over 100 years;
Together, we will be here for the next 100.

Pondera Medical Center 805 Sunset Blvd. Conrad, Montana 59425
Main Line: (406) 271-3211    |   Extended Care: (406) 271-2252    |   Clinic: (406) 271-3231   |  Acute: (406) 271-2201 ​Pondera County Health Department: (406) 271-3247   |  Montana Department of Nursing:(406) 841-2300

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